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Mital Design: Shelf Brackets The shelf brackets are design complements that enclose beauty and versatility. They are generally used in small environment where there is the need to take full advantage of the available space, but also in those situation where the shelves give a final touch to the furnishing.

Glass and wooden shelves are commonly used in the bathroom and living areas. the shelf itself it is only a flat, simple surface and it is in fact the shelf support that create a decorative element in the way the two elements combine for style and design. This is particularly true for the glass shelves where the shelf bracket is always visible through the transparent surface.

MITAL offers 11 different models of shelf supports, from the simplest item, RM 10 and RM 04, to the most modern and original pieces, such as the RM50, by Valentina Romani from the Scuola italiana di Design, and item RM65, by Marco Rossetti from the Scuola italiana di design, or item RM 35, from the MITAL LAB project.

Also included in MITAL offer are the steel shelf brackets, classical L shaped, reinforced and suitable for shelves made of wood, glass and other materials.

We warmly invite you to take a look at these beautiful furnishing complements, by beeying sure that they will match your aesthetical taste. If you are interested in the purchasing, please, get in touch with us to know the nearest dealer to you.

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