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About Mital

MITAL was founded in 1981 by the effort and passion of Mr. Carlo Martin.
The Company is located in the heart of the North-Est Italian region of Veneto, which is worldwide considered to be one of the most important hubs to the furniture and furnishing industry.
At the very beginning MITAL specialized in the production of a wide range of wooden handles and knobs and enjoyed a huge success on the national level.
Ultimately, and in accordance with the new tends of the market, MITAL has broadened its offer adding to its products portfolio the knobs-handles-coathangers and shelfsupports sets along with different raw materials such as zama, brass, iron, plastics and many others.
The design creation evolved too: from the internal conception of the early stages up to the cooperation with designers, architects and design schools. The production process changes at the same pace, affecting in particular the prototyping phase with the use of 3D-printers.
Nowadays, MITAL has successfully entered foreigner markets exporting to several countries in the EU, United States, Canada, Africa and Middle-Est.
The men and women working in MITAL are constantly trying to improve themselves to cope with the continuous challenges and the high level standards set by the market, the globalized competition and most demanding customers’ requirements.
Mital is among the first companies in the industry who have adopted a code of ethics: a benchmark to which all individuals working for the company are asked to conform with.
The development model that MITAL offers is based on 4 “moral pillars” such as the observance of the law, the respect for workers, a fair competition among all the players in the industry and the respect for the environment .

Quality and Certifications

Mital: handles, knobs, shelf brackets manufacturer and Catas member Quality is the principle that guides all business processes, from product design to distribution and sale to the end customer.
To ensure consistent high quality standards in all departments, Mital has developed a quality procedure manual, which defines the business management system based on ISO 9001. The manual summarizes the know-how of the company and the various processes with their sequences and interactions, in order to define the criteria, methods and references established by the Organization to monitor and ensure their effective functioning.
The quality of our products is tested and certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9227: 2012, by Catas: the largest Italian institute for research and testing on the wood-furniture sector.
To ensure consistent high quality standards in all deptments, Mital has developed an high quality procedure manual which defines the business management system based on ISO 9001. The manual summerizes the know how of the company and the various processes.

Codice of Conduct


The moral development model which Mital sets is the one of a company which is in the market like bearer of high ethical values, as the full observance of the law, the respect of the workers, a fair competition in comparisons of the other structures which are in the same sector and the environmental protection. Loyal to these principles, Mital is therefore based on values like the democracy, the equality, the fairness and the solidarity, and it is bounded at the respect of the present Code of conduct.
In this context, the present Code establishes a reference in which all the subjects who operate for Mital has to make fit their conduct.

Principles and rules

The ethical principles on which Mital is based are the correctness, the clearness, the legality, the service’ spirit, the loyalty, the respect for human rights, the environmental sustainability and the collaboration with all the operators. The company requires to all administrators, employees and partners the respect of the principles above listed.
Customers/suppliers: Mital undertake to establish relations with our customers and suppliers based on the maximum professionalism and correctness. We request to the suppliers, Italians and foreign, to respect the principles and values above reported, also accepting inspections by Mital staff. Employees and collaborators: Mital undertake to engage all collaborators with a regular contract, and can’t be tolerated any kind of irregular work, for first the exploitation of child labour. The evaluation of the engaged employees and possible candidates for a job is based on the respect of equal opportunities, avoiding any kind of favouritism and discrimination.
Labour protection: Mital safeguards the moral integrity of the employees and guarantees labour conditions which respect the person dignity. It is bound to oppose to every kind of discrimination: politic, religious, and racial or in another form. Sanctions: the violation of the rules included in the present document will give rise to a disciplinary measure, if it is an illicit act. In the case of professional relations this could cause the resolution of the existing contracts, both for the supply of goods or services.

Promotion and diffusion of the code of conduct

Mital undertakes to give an adequate divulgation of the present document using the more suitable means, for example his website.
Carlo Martin
1981 Reggimensole, Pomoli, Maniglie Treviso
Via Cherso, 21
31045 Motta di Livenza (TV)