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The MITAL coat hangers lines are functional and elegant, normally made in zamac. MITAL hooks are suitable for any kind of furnishing style and available in several different finishing, such as mat chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel, bronze, black, white so we are pretty sure that you will find the most suitable coat hook for your needs.

Coat hangers are important design complements: they give the final touch to a wall, an entrance, as well as a proper piece of design illumination does. The environment gains a pleasant harmony when all these elements fit together: Take for instance a living room where all handles, knobs, shelf supports and hooks are a perfect match! You may have the same result in your house with MITAL different sets Mital.

In the catalogue you may find different proposals of coat hanger designs. MITAL aims to stand out from the other coat hangers and hooks manufacturer by offering new solutions and attractive designs.

  • Mital Design: Coathooks appendiabiti da parete bianco
  • appendiabiti da parete in nero lucido o nero opaco
  • appendiabiti da parete cromato o cromo satinato
  • appendiabiti da parete in oro lucido
  • appendiabiti da parete in bronzo opaco o bronzo sfumato
  • appendiabiti da parete in nichel, nichel opaco ed econichel
finiture in essenza legno:
  • appendiabiti in ciliegio
  • appendiabiti in noce chiaro o noce scuro

Mital Design: Coathooks MITAL aims to stand out from the other coat hangers and hooks manufacturer by offering new solutions and attractive designs.

Among the most peculiar references, we point out item 1165, by the famous designer Marco Rossettini, from the Scuola Italiana Design and the hook 1150, by Giovanni Martin: original products that have received a great success since their first presentation on the market.

Included in the offer of our wide selection of wall coat hooks you will also find our solutions in painted resin: very high quality items addressed to the commercial environments, very popular among schools, gyms and offices.

You can find all MITAL products in the best MITAL distributors and resellers. If you would like to receive this information, we kindly invite you to get in contact with us by writing or calling our offices, and we will be more than happy to help you find the nearest dealer.

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