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Very often, in the furniture industry, handles and knobs are important design elements that are capable of adding elegance and originality to the entire cabinet. A piece of furniture increases its beauty thanks to the right selection of knobs: the style ( modern, classic, ... ), the design and the material are, all together, important features to consider for the most proper choice. Little details that can make big differences.

The offer of MITAL cabinet knobs offer is divided according to the material with which the different pieces are made of:

  • Furniture Knobs Ceramic knobs: such as drawer knobs. 030, 040, 050 e 060. The ceramic knobs have a neutral color background and floral decoration, and they usually come with a brass base for the mounting. The brass base different finishing give a different touch to the piece of furniture: the antique bronze version or the gold plated versions had been designed for a classic style type of furniture: while the eco nickel finished base is more suitable for modern style realizations. This item adds the final touch also to the peculiar designer furniture, as for instance an antique desk, a beach house furniture set or a built-in kitchen.
  • Iron Knobs: The family of products includes 29 different items: stainless steel knobs, brass knobs, aluminum knobs and zamac knobs. MITAL’s wide range of solutions will for sure include the most suitable knob for your particular needs: kitchen cabinet knobs, living room furniture drawers knobs, cupboard knobs and so on. Iron evokes elegance and modernity and you will find the most adequate item for your requirements by choosing among a high number of available finishing: silver, chrome, eco nickel and satin nickel, white or black polished, golden, satin stainless steel, mat chrome, satin chrome, bronze knobs just to name a few. We invite you to take a look at our catalog to find out the entire collection. Among the most peculiar items, we point out the items 135, 165 and 435 (chrome or satin nickel finished knobs), but also the 340 and the 350 (chrome, satin nickel or mat white) and last but not least the very elegant satin chrome knob, item 420.
  • Wooden knobs: Items 134, 279, 314, 347, 369, 404, 516, 718. Evergreen solutions, versatile in the finishing. Regardless the style of the piece of furniture you have. It would not be hard to find the most suitable color. A lot of different essences are available to perfectly match with your cabinets and drawers: lacquered white and black , along with ash wooden knobs, beech wooden knobs durmast wooden knobs, light and dark wot wooden knobs and cherry tree wooden knob. These items are the best choice for kitchen cabinet furniture and classical cupboards, wardrobe or classical pieces of furniture in general.
  • Plastic knobs: Item PO56, it is an example of MITAL’s lacquered plastic knob, available in both black and white: simple and elegant addressed to modern and practical furniture.

Bathroom Knobs MITAL knobs aesthetics is particularly appreciated by the furniture designer and manufacturer (especially for the kitchen and bath area). If you are looking for some of MITAL ‘s products do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we will address you to the nearest dealer in your area.

MITAL’s offer is also addressed to the private customer, through its sales network composed by the most reliable ironmongery distributors.

MITAL is a Made in Italy brand also distributed abroad, in both Europe and North America.

Maybe not all the private customers know that they can replace their old knobs on their own, gaining a relevant saving from the direct purchase and installation.
The operation it will only take few minutes to be performed. Anybody can do it: MITAL’s drawer knobs come with their specific screw and yet ready to be installed.
We invite you to take a look at the following online catalog to find the product you are looking for, in order to reach the nearest MITAL dealer and finalizing the purchase.

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