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Mital: knob, knobs, handles, drawer knobs

Handles, Knobs, Coathangers and Complements of Italian Design

Mital realizes handles, knobs, hangers, shelf supports and complements for the furnishing of Italian style, designed by creative architects specialized in the furniture industry. Mital has thirty years experience in the creation and production of handles, becoming one of the leading companies that set the trends in the furniture fittings. The handle and the complement Mital are an example of the Italian style, which improves the aesthetics of the environment, adapting to doors, walls and furniture for the home or office. The Mital products are available in the best hardware stores, and they are used by the main furniture’s manufacturers. Mital exports its items in various European countries, U.S.A., Africa and Middle East. Its slogan – design, shape and color – is a winning reality that lasts in the time.
Handles, knobs, hangers, shelf support and accessories are manufactured in different materials, in response to every possible creative intuition of the designers who plan them. The production also includes the working of steel, aluminum, brass, abs, wood and zinc alloy. The online catalogue contains the full range of products, and it is organized into 4 main categories: knobs, handles, hangers and complements. The brand Mital is a guarantee about the style of the article and about the quality of the finished product. The company is located in Motta di Livenza, Treviso, North Italy, in the heart of the main national production area for furniture. Mital lends the utmost attention at all stages of processing in order to propose quality to 360 degrees. The checks are instrumental and visual, with different sampling plans based on the production lots. Considering the aesthetics and the quality of production, Mital products fit with luxury furnishings, giving elegance and functionality to every environment. Mital: the true Italian design, the true design made in Italy.
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[ImageUrl=/italian/knobs/rid/knob-220-anthracite-finishing.jpg][NavigateUrl=/italian/knobs/KNOB-220-knobs-design.aspx][testo=knob][ModelNumber=220][NomeFilePdf=/italian/knobs/Knob-220-it.pdf][titoloPDF=Knob 220 specifications.pdf][descrizioneprodotto=Die-cast zamac knob, complete M4 x 25 screw. ][classeperpomoli=ImmagineProdotto pomolo][pos=Knob 200 anthracite finishing ] [ImageUrl=/italian/handles/rid/Nome_5.jpg][NavigateUrl=/italian/handles/HANDLE-3021-handles-design.aspx][testo=handle][ModelNumber=3021][NomeFilePdf=/italian/handles/Tecnical-Specification-3021.pdf][titoloPDF=Tecnical-Specification-3021.pdf][descrizioneprodotto=Die-cast zamac pull handle with fixing kit, single or coupled, for glass or wood.][classeperpomoli=ImmagineProdotto][pos= ] [ImageUrl=/italian/handles/rid/design-handle-3960.jpg][NavigateUrl=/italian/handles/HANDLE-3960-handles-design.aspx][testo=handle][ModelNumber=3960][NomeFilePdf=/italian/handles/technical-specification-3960.pdf][titoloPDF=technical-specification-3960.pdf][descrizioneprodotto=Die-cast zamac handle with double cc, with M4 x 25 screws included][classeperpomoli=ImmagineProdotto][pos=Handle 3960 Handle 3960, Die-cast zamac handle with double cc, with M4 x 25 screws included.] [ImageUrl=/italian/coat-hooks/rid/Nome_13.jpg][NavigateUrl=/italian/coat-hooks/COAT-HOOK-1100-coat-hooks-design.aspx][testo=coat hook][ModelNumber=1100][NomeFilePdf=/italian/coat-hooks/Coat-hook-1100-Techical-Specification.pdf][titoloPDF=Coat-hook-1100-Techical-Specification.pdf][descrizioneprodotto=Die-cast zamac coat hanger, with invisible hooking system included.][classeperpomoli=ImmagineProdotto][pos= ] [ImageUrl=/italian/coat-hooks/rid/coat-hook-1950.jpg][NavigateUrl=/italian/coat-hooks/COAT-HOOK-1950-coat-hooks-design.aspx][testo=coat hook][ModelNumber=1950][NomeFilePdf=/italian/coat-hooks/Art. 1950 technical specification.pdf][titoloPDF=Art. 1950 technical specification.pdf][descrizioneprodotto=Die-cast zamac coat hanger, with screws and plugs included.][classeperpomoli=ImmagineProdotto][pos=Coat hook art. 1950 ] [ImageUrl=/italian/shelf-brackets/rid/shelf-braket-art.RM08.jpg][NavigateUrl=/italian/shelf-brackets/SHELF-BRACKET-RM08-shelf-brackets-design.aspx][testo=shelf bracket][ModelNumber=RM08][NomeFilePdf=/italian/shelf-brackets/Art. RM08 Technical Specification.pdf][titoloPDF=Art. RM08 Technical Specification.pdf][descrizioneprodotto=Die-cast zamac adjustable shelf support, with screw and plug mod. B* included.][classeperpomoli=ImmagineProdotto][pos=Die-cast zamac adjustable shelf support, with screw and plug mod. B* included. ]
Carlo Martin
1981 Reggimensole, Pomoli, Maniglie Treviso
Via Cherso, 21
31045 Motta di Livenza (TV)