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Mital: handles for furniture and bathroom The choice of the handle can make a big difference in the final aesthetic impact of the furnishing. Different finished and styled handles can give a different final touch to the piece of furniture they are mounted on , sometimes, by changing the entire style of the furnishing.

These is why, if you are planning to add a fresh touch to your furnishing, you can just pick some brand new handles and install them on your old furniture.

MITAL aims to stand out from the other handles manufacturer by offering new solutions and attractive designs, in order to add a personal touch to each piece of furniture.

At this purpose MITAL propose handle brand new designs and product, particularly suitable for modern furniture, characterized by simplicity and originality at the same time and manufactured with materials and techniques that underline their aesthetical features. These are different solutions that fit with different sector of the furniture industry: handles for kitchen furniture, handles for living room furniture, handles for cupboards as well as handles for bed area and bathroom furniture.

Among the most peculiar items, we point out the handle 3420, for kitchen or bathroom cupboard panels, the 3340 elegant and bold for any kind of piece of furniture. MITAL’s handles design is also suitable for the office furniture.

The item MA 10, is a functional recessed handle that goes really well with both sliding and hinged doors, While Item MA 20 is a grooved handle.

The handles are available in a wide range of materials and finishing. The most common material is a metal alloy in zinc and aluminum named zamac. The Zamac alloy has remarkable features for what concerns hardness and workability, offering the opportunity to manufacture a very resistant handle and with particular aesthetic features – sometime also with a very sophisticated design - with an excellent quality and a lower price. This alloy also allowed to be finished with chrome, satin chrome, and different shades of bronze (such as antique bronze and shaded bronze), very resistant to the wear and tear.

Mital Design: Handles for your home furniture Among the other material used in the production, we find aluminum and stainless steel.

We are handles supplier for a high number of furniture manufacturer and kitchen manufacturer, in particular to that type of manufacturer that are looking for flexible suppliers and original and certified high quality products. The handles included in our catalog are available for the private customer through the nearest MITAL dealer and most reliable ironmongery. There you will also find our wide range of knobs, hooks, brackets and other decorative complements that match perfectly with your MITAL handles set.

MITAL is a Made in Italy brand also distributed abroad, in both Europe and North America. Maybe not all the private customers know that they can replace their old knobs on their own, gaining a relevant saving from the direct purchase and installation.

The operation it will only take few minutes to be performed. Anybody can do it MITAL’s knobs come with their specific screw and yet ready to be installed.

We invite you to take a look at the following online catalog to find the product you are looking for, in order to reach the nearest MITAL dealer finalizing the purchase.

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